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  • 2022-2023 Graduate Newsletters

    May 2023

    Mauro Cazzolla | Fellowship Award

    Congratulations to Mauro for being awarded a Dissertation Fellowship from the College of Arts and Sciences Center for the Humanities for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.


    Gabriel Das Chagas | Award

    Congratulations to Gabriel for receiving 1st place for Best Oral Presentation in Arts & Humanities at the Fifth Annual Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium at the University of Miami.


    Gabriel Das Chagas | Conference Presentations

    Congratulations are also in order to Gabriel for his presentations at various conferences.


    Gabriel Das Chagas | Panel Moderation

    Gabriel moderated the Gender and Sexuality in Luso-African-Brazilian Culture panel at the 2023 Graduate Student Confer-ence: Transcultural Expressions: Conflict, Identity and Revitaliza-tion in Multicultural Spheres at the University of Miami on March 3, 2023.


    Jacob Dennis | Conference Paper Acceptance

    Congratulations to Jacob for having their paper "Print and Propa-ganda: Representations of socialism, anarchism, and feminism in 1890s Argentine press" accepted for presentation at the 2023 Eng-lish Graduate Student Organization Conference on Reciprocity at Cornell University.


    Marcia Fanti Negri | Award

    Congratulations to Marcia for being awarded the 2023 Tinker Field Research Grant to conduct field research in the Theater As-sociation of the Heroines of Tejucopapo, in Recife, Brazil for Sum-mer 2023.


    Marcia Fanti Negri | Paper Presentations

    Congratulations to Marcia for presenting her paper “Corp(orality): a performance of the senses in The Women of Tijucopapo by Marilene Felinto” at the 54th NeMLA Annual Convention in Niag-ara Falls, NY.


    Eukene Franco Landa | Fellowship Award

    Congratulations to Eukene for receiving a summer fellowship from the Sigma Delta Pi association, to fund data collection for her thesis on early bilinguals' identities and ideologies on newspeaker-ism in the Basque Country.


    Eukene Franco Landa | Interview

    The Basque Summer University (Udako Euskal Unibertsitatea, UEU) interviewed Eukene for her recent work with Basque herit-age speakers in the USA, and for her experience as a Basque grad student at the University of Miami.


    Eukene Franco Landa | Research Stay

    Eukene also completed a research stay in Boise, Idaho, during Spring Break, where she interviewed Basque-Americans about their struggles in their dual identity and language ideologies about nativeness and heritage speakerism.


    Eukene Franco Landa | Volume Presentation/Publication

    The volume in honor of Eukene’s late aita 'dad', Jon Franco (1962- 2021), Papers on Basque Linguistics in Honour of Jon Fran-co, has recently been released.


    Maytte Hernández Lorenzo | Fellowship Award

    Congratulations to Maytte for receiving the 2023-2024 Goizueta Graduate Fellowship in support of the research project, “Cultural policies and cultural citizenship: articulating new narratives in Cuban theater.”


    Sam Johnson | Award

    Congratulations to Sam for being awarded best paper presentation prize at the Tri-University Latin American Studies Conference at Florida Atlantic University on March 27 for his paper "Defending Kawsak Sacha: Indigenous Media and Against Extrac-tivism from Sarayaku Ecuador".


    Sam Johnson | Paper Presentation

    Sam presented his paper "Indigenous Media Interventions in En-vironmental Disaster" at Brown University's "Laboratory of Worlds: Futures, Ruptures, Possibilities" conference which took place from April 7-8.


    Sam Johnson | Position Offer

    Sam accepted a job offer to teach Spanish and serve as Languages Department Chair at St. Andrews Sewanee, a private school in Tennessee.


    Neta Kanny | Internship

    Congratulations to Neta who will be working this summer as the Venezuela Intern for the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of West-ern Hemisphere Affairs’ Office of Andean Affairs in Washington D.C.


    Massiel Medina | Panel Moderation

    Congratulations to Massiel for moderating keynote speaker panel for the Exploring the Caribbean: New Questions, Methods and De-bates Conference on April 21, 2023.


    Yasamin Rezai | Awards

    Congratulations to Yasamin for being awarded the AELS (Academic Excellence Leadership Service) award in the Leader-ship category. This award recognizes students active in organizations, serving on committees and task forces, involve-ment in on-campus activities.


    Yasamin Rezai | Book Chapter Publication

    Yasamin contributed to the book The #MeToo Movement in Iran: Reporting Sexual Violence and Harassment which is out now. You can pre-order your copy here.


    Yasamin Rezai | Conference Presentation

    Yasamin presented “Poetry of Politics and Pain: A Study of in-stapoetry under #MahsaAmini" at Poetry and Digital Plat-forms panel at NeMLA conference in Niagara Falls, NY.


    Yasamin Rezai | Guest Speaker Opportunity

    Yasamin was invited as a guest speaker to give a talk and handle a class discussion on Instapoetry in general and in the context of Iranian protests in their Digital Culture course for the students of the literary criticism program at Jagiellonian University in Po-land.


    Yasamin Rezai | Publication Acceptance

    Yasamin’s paper “Performing Persian Poetics on Instagram” was accepted for publication in the first instapoetry special issue by the European Journal of English Studies (EJES).


    Savannah Saavedra | Fellowship Award

    Congratulations to Savannah for receiving a DH Graduate Stu-dent Fellowship to work with Dr. Schifani on the “Mapping Imagi-nary Miami” project during this summer.


    Savannah Saavedra | Paper Presentation

    Congratulations to Savannah for presenting her paper, “La perfor-mance dice más que mil palabras: Las demostraciones artísticas y teatrales durante los paros nacionales colombianos del 2019-2021” to the 21st Annual Tri-University Graduate Student Conference on Latin America and the Caribbean at Florida Atlantic Universi-ty, on March 27, 2023 at Florida Atlantic University.


    Luli Schmader | Fellowship Award

    Congratulations to Luli for being recently awarded the Foreign Language and Area Studies Summer Fellowship 2023 (FLAS) by the University of Pittsburgh to study the Kichwa language in the Napo Province of the Ecuadorian Amazon. She will receive 140 contact hours of intensive instruction spread over six weeks. This fellowship is funded by the U.S. Department of Education.


    Luli Schmader | Conference Presentations

    Luli presented her essay titled: “Indigenous Women of the Ecuado-rian Amazon: the first line of Defense of their territory,” where she analyzes how Amazonian women of Ecuador are creating new ven-ues to advocate for their communities, resist extractive oil indus-tries, and reclaim their territories the NAGIS Conference held at the University of Miami from April 24-25, 2023.


    Luli Schmader | Research Assistant Position

    On February 2022, Luli was offered a research assistant position as part of the U-Link Social Equity NAGIS award. She served as NAGIS conference panel co-coordinator and simultaneous transla-tion assistant throughout Spring 2023.


    Euge Stumm | Fellowship Award

    Congratulations to Euge for receiving a Digital Humanities Grad-uate Student Fellowship for Summer 2023.


    2023 Graduate Student Congratulations

    Many thanks to Gabriel Das Chagas, Eukene Franco Landa, Vijay Navarro, Ernesto Rumbaut, and Luli Schmader for organizing this year’s Graduate Student Conference held March 2-3, 2023. The did a wonderful job at organizing the panels and coordinating the keynote speakers.


    Graduate Student Newsletter, May 2023

    March 2023

    Gabriel das Chagas | Article Publication

    Congratulations to Gabriel, whose article “A língua dos anjos caídos não se ouve no Brasil: uma leitura decolonial do conto “O moleque”, de Lima Barreto” was published in Revista REVELL-Universidade Estadual do Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil).


    Gabriel das Chagas | Conference Presentation

    Gabriel presented his paper “The Violence of a Costume: A Decolonial Approach to the Short Story “Cló,” by Lima Barreto” at the Diálogos XX Conference at Indiana University held February 24-25, 2023.


    Gabriel das Chagas | Paper Acceptance

    Additionally, his paper, “The Flaws of an American Dream and The Violence of a Tropical Paradise: Black Counterdiscourses in the United States and Brazil”, was accepted for presentation at the 5th Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium at the University of Miami.


    Gabriel das Chagas | Research Group Co-convening

    Congratulations to Gabriel for serving as a co-convener of the Queer Studies Interdisciplinary Research Group in the Center of Humanities at the University of Miami on February 17, 2023.


    Eukene Franco Landa | Talk Invitation

    Congratulations to Eukene for being invited to give a talk called Irulegiko eskua [The hand of Irulegi]: How a treasure from the past can help us understand Basque new-speakerism in contemporary Navarre, by the Basque Museum of Boise (the biggest Basque center in the diaspora).


    Yasamin Rezai Pacella | Podcast Participation

    Congratulations to Yasamin for recently appearing as a guest speaker on Gozaar Podcast, a podcast that serves as a repository and collection of voices from different experts on the ongoing revolution of “Woman, Life, Freedom” in Iran.


    Yasamin Rezai Pacella | Radio Participation

    Yasamin also served as a guest speaker with 021 Radio, a Persian-speaking local radio station based in Houston, to discuss the recent changes in U.S. foreign policies with Iran.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, March 2023

    January 2023

    Gabriel de Chagas | Article Publication

    Congratulations to Gabriel, whose article “A modernidade interseccional nos contos de Lima Barreto”, was published in the Revista Interdisciplinar (Federal University of Sergipe—Brazil), this past December 2022.


    Gabriel de Chagas | Conference Acceptances

    Gabriel’s paper “The Violence of a Costume: A Decolonial Approach to the Short Story “Cló,” by Lima Barreto” was accepted for presentation at the Diálogos XX Conference at Indiana University held February 24-25, 2023.


    Gabriel de Chagas | Lecture

    Congratulations to Gabriel for giving an in-person lecture titled “A implosão de um sonho americano: Os contos da juventude de Langston Hughes” for the English and American Literature program at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro—Brazil (UERJ) on January 5, 2023.


    Eukene Franco Landa | Article Application

    Congratulations to Eukene for the publication of her article "Basque quantifier agreement variation throughout the old texts of Southern Basque Country", a study on the change of
    the Basque quantifiers across time in the journal Fontes Linguae Vasconum.


    Eukene Franco Landa | Conference Acceptance

    Congratulations to Eukene for having her paper "New speakers: a misconception based on otherness" accepted for presentation at the XIX International Conference on Minority Languages
    at the University of Wales.


    Neta Kanny | Conference Acceptance

    Congratulations to Neta for having her paper “O movimento de gênero: representações migratórias da mulher em Vidas secas e Xica da Silva” accepted to the Graduate Conference “Transcultural Expressions: Conflict, Identity, and Revitalization in Multicultural Spheres” at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, from March 2-3, 2023.


    Massiel Medina | Conference Acceptance

    Congratulations to Massiel for having her paper "Nociones de idio-ma en How the García Girls Lost Their Accents y Dominicana" ac-cepted for presentation at the 2023 Graduate Student Conference Transcultural Expressions: Conflict, Identity, and Revitalization in Multicultural Spheres held at the University of Miami from March 2-3, 2023.


    Yoán Moreno | Community Archive Project

    Congratulations to Yoán for launching an ongoing community ar-chive project here in Miami.


    Yasamin Rezai Pacella | Grant Award

    Congratulations to Yasamin whose project, Poetics of Politics & Pain: A Study Of Iran’s Ongoing Revolution With #MahsaAmini, which is a part of her dissertation, won a $20,000 grant of Expanding the Use of Collaborative Data Science from the Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC).


    Yasamin Rezai Pacella | Panel Award

    Congratulations to Yasamin for presenting #metoo staged: Performance of Embodied Hashtags in Feminist Digital Movements on the panel “Data Performance at MLA” in San Fransisco.


    Yasamin Rezai Pacella | Live Broadcast

    Yasamin will be going live on Kaarnamaa, a journal of Art History and Criticism, in discussion with artists and scholars Aida Shira-zi, Nazanin Noroozi, and Niyoosha Ahmadikhoo about the performance of protest in ongoing Iran's revolution on Saturday, Janu-ary 28, 2023 at 10 AM EST.


    Ernesto Rumbaut | Conference Acceptance

    Congratulations to Ernesto for having his paper “Catalizador Femme” accepted to the XXXII Congreso Internacional de Litera-tura y Estudios Hispánicos (CILH) in Cartagena de Indias, Colom-bia, from March 9-11, 2023.


    Savannah Saavedra | Published Article

    Congratulations to Savannah for the acceptance of her paper “Unveiling paradise: The environmental, economic, and social im-plications behind the idyllic landscape in Jorge Isaacs’ María” for the 57th annual SCOLAS (Southwest Council of Latin American Studies) conference, which will be held between April 6-8, 2023.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, January 2023

    December 2022

    Gabriel das Chagas | Podcast Hosting 

    Congratulations to Gabriel for being invited to host the Lima Barreto: o negro é a cor mais cortante podcast from the Instituto Moreira Salles in Brazil on November 1st, 2022. 


    Gabriel das Chagas | Publication 

    Gabriel's paper, NO AVESSO DA SECA, AS FERIDAS DE UMA LINGUAGEM IMPOSSÍVEL: UMA ANÁLISE COMPARATIVA DE VIDAS SECAS, DE GRACILIANO RAMOS, E O AVESSO DA PELE, DE JEFERSON TENÓRIO was published in the University of California's Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies Magazine. 


    Gabriel das Chagas | Paper Presentation 

    Gabriel presented his paper Race and Gender in Brazil: The Colonial Wound in Lima Barreto's Fiction at the University of Texas Gender Symposium on November 28, 2022. 


    Gabriel das Chagas | Teach-in Organization 

    Congratulations to Gabriel for his role in organizing the Portuguese Program's teach-in: Black November in Brazil alongside fellow MLL students, Marcia Fanti Negri, Monica Faust, and Euge Stumm and Drs. Devine Guzman and Butterman. 


    Diona Espinosa | Paper Acceptance 

    Congratulation to Diona for acceptance of her paper "Issues and Features with the Platform: Performance during Pandemic Times" as part of the panel: New Medina and Digital Cultures in Latin America into the Track: Culture, Power and Political Subjectivities for the LASA2023 Hybrid Congress: América Latina y el Caribe: Pensar, Representar y Luchar por los Derechos taking place May 24-27, 2023, virtually and on-site in Vancouver, Canada. 


    Marci Fanti Negri | Published Article 

    Congratulations to Marcia for having her article, "Performance of the land in Barren Lives and Vidas Secas: The poetics of silence in Brazil" (2022) published in a special volume of the Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies Journal. 


    Eukene Franco Landa | Paper Presentation 

    Congratulations to Eukene for presenting her paper, "On the identity of early L2 speakers. Are they Basque new speakers?" at the Linguistics Seminar of the University of the Basque Country on November 29, 2022. 

    Eukene Discussed how often, based on nativeness, researchers and the Basque community tend to assume that early Basque L2 speakers are language learners, instead of nearly-native speakers. They are called "new speakers," a term that fully ignores that they have been bilingual their whole lives. She proposes encouragement of speakers' self-identification, rather than following traditional linguistic ideologies. 


    Eukene Franco Landa | Session Invitation 

    Eukene has been invited to an online reflection session called "Euskozenoa" (The era of Basque), as a Basque speaker in the diaspora. It is a project sponsored by Gipuzkoa's government (Basque Country) to encourage Basque youth to reflect on the relationship between identity and language. 


    Yoán Moreno | Conference Acceptance 

    Congratulations to Yoán for having his paper, "El diario se mueve: E-Motions as a Creolizing Self-Portrait," (about Leandro Soto, using archives of his from the CHC) accepted to the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association (SWPACA) Conference in Albuquerque, NM from February 22-25, 2023. 


    Yasamin Rezaei | Panel Presentation 

    Congratulations to Yasamin for being invited to present "Unveiling: Reclaiming the Body and Urban Spaces in Iran's Ongoing Revolution" for the panel : Rage, Rhythm, Renaissance: Performances of/in the ongoing Iranian's Revolution by Tisch Department of Performance Studies at NYU this past November 2022. 


    Yasamin Rezaei | Conference Acceptance 

    Yasamin was also accepted to present, "Poetry of Politics and Pain: A Study of Instapoetry under #MahsaAmini amidst Iran's ongoing revolution" as part of the Poetry and Platform Cultures panel at the NeMLA's 54th Annual Convention at the University of Buffalo in March 2023. 


    Savannah Saavedra | Paper Acceptance 

    Congratulations to Savannah for the acceptance of her paper titled, "Las venas abiertas siguen sangrando...un estudio comparativo entre el arte de protesta en Chile y Columbia," as part of the panel: Intervenciones escénicas: teatro y performance into the Track: Art, Music and Performance Studies for the LASA2023 Hybrid Congress: América Latina y el Caribe: Pensar, Representar y Luchar por los Derechos taking place May 24-27, 2023, virtually and on-site Vancouver, Canada.  


    Graduate Students Newsletter, December 2022

    November 2022

    Monica Faust | Dissertation Defense 

    Congratulations to Monica for successfully defending her dissertation with distinction this past Friday, October 28, 2022. The title for her dissertation is Dixie Myopia in Brazil: Confederado Self-fashioning Erasure


    Monica Faust | Job Placement 

    Congratulations are also in order for Monica for recently starting a full-time position as a Development Officer for the University of Miami. 


    Eukene Franco-Landa | Publication 

    Congratulations to Eukene for her first chapter publication in mid-October, "How many is a lot? Analyzing Basque Indefinite Quantifiers," in the book Euskal filologia eta hizkuntzalaritzaren adarrak [Branches of Basque Philology and Linguistics], in Basque. It is a sociolinguistic study about the agreement variation with quantifiers in Basque, like in English (there was many women vs. there were many women). 

    This is the first research conducted with the corpus Norantz (, which is the first corpus to compile conversations in Basque with Basque people from the "French" Basque Country. A community often forgotten, due to their lack of officiality and language rights, overall. 

    Franco Landa, E. (2022). Zenbat dira asko? Euskal zenbatzaile zehaztugabeak aztergai. [How many is a lot? Analyzing Basque indefinite quantifiers] In D. Krajewska, S. Monforte del Valle & E. Zuloaga San Román (arg.), Aziti Bihia. Euskal filologia eta hizkuntzalaritzaren adarrak [Branches of Basque Philology and Linguistics], (33-67. or). Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Argitalpen Zerbitzua.


    Yasamin Rezaei | Conference Acceptance 

    Congratulations to Yasamin for acceptance of her presentation, "Poetry of Pain: A Study of Instapoetry Under #MahsaAmini" for the session "Poetry and Platform Cultures" in NeMLA in Buffalo, NY in 2023. 


    Yasamin Rezaei | Table Organization 

    Yasamin also organized a table on campus to raise awareness about Iran's revolution and #MahsaAmini. 


    MLL Participation at APSA

    Graduate students and Dr. Butterman represented MLL at the American Portuguese Studies Association 12th International Conference 2022, "The Genealogical Imagination," hosted Brigham Young University (Provo, UT) from October 6-8, 2022. 

    Samuel Johnson moderated the panel "21st Century Brazilian Film: Screening Resistance to Systemic Oppressions," which he co-organized with Gabriel das Chagas, Marci Fanti Negri, and former MLL graduate student, Dr. Lidiana de Moraes (Post-Doc at Vanderbilt University). 

    Gabriel das Chagas presented An Invisible City of Invisible People: Reading Power and Place in Bacurau (2019). 

    Samuel Johnson presented Screening Indigenous Knowledges and Extractive Threats. 

    Marci Fanti Negri presented Cinema Novo and the performance of the land as a character-space in Barren Lives (1963) by Nelson Pereira dos Santos.

    Dr. Lidiana de Moraes presented Don't touch my hair! Don't touch my Crown The Politics of Black Women's Hair in Kbela. 

    Dr. Steven Butterman presented Queer Poetry and Critical Race Theory in Brazil vs. U.S.: Ronaldo V. Wilson, Danez Smith, Angélica Freitas, & Miriam Alves in parallel panel: "Please, Write Me a Poem." 


    Graduate Students Newsletter, November 2022

    October 2023

    Mauro Cazzola | Published Translation

    Congratulations to Mauro for having his Italian translation, Mio marito, of the best-seller French novel, Mon mari (awarded the Prix du Premier), published this past September.


    Gabriel das Chagas Alves Pereira Souza | Magazine Interview

    Congratulations to Gabriel for his interview "Meet Gabriel Chagas | Teacher and Translator" with magazine, Shoutout Miami, this past September. 


    Yasamin Rezaei | Article Publications 

    Congratulations to Yasamin for having two articles published earlier this summer. 

    The first is Review of Performing #MeToo: How not to look away edited by Judith D. Rudakoff published in Critical Studies in Media Communication, 39.2 (2022): 1-4. 

    The second is Data Stories for/from All: Why Data Feminism is for Everyone, A review on Data Feminism by Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren Klein, Digital Humanities Quarterly, 16.3 (2022).


    Yasamin Rezaei | Conference Panels & Papers

    Congratulations to Yasamin introducing and co-organizing Data Performance as a panel, a term exploring the performativity of data in the realm of performance studies and data justice. This is a mutual project with colleagues in Performance Studies at NYU and Buffalo University. The panel was presented at CSA (Cultural Studies Associations) conference in Chicago, this past June 2-4, 2022. The panel has also been accepted at the MLA (Modern Languages Association) conference in San Francisco, January 4-8, 2023. 

    Additionally, her paper "The Embodied Hashtags: #metoo staged," was presented in the Data Performance panel in CSA and accepted in the Data Performance panel in MLA. 


    Yasamin Rezaei | Interview 

    Congratulations are also in order for her interview "Yasamin Rezaei talking the Women's Movement in Iran" with Ross Kaminsky on KOA news radio. 


    Savannah Saavedra | Conference Presentations

    Congratulations to Savannah for the acceptance of two of her papers to upcoming conferences this fall. The first, "Demystifying the Magic: Social Critique Through Science and Technology in One Hundred Years of Solitude" has been accepted to the XXXI Congreso Internacional de Literatura y Estudios Hispánicos, which will take place virtually in October 2022. 

    Her second paper: "Defining Home: Arepas, Immigration, and Magical Realism in Anika Fajardo's Magical Realism for Non-Believers" was accepted to the MALAS (Midwest Association of Latin American Studies) conference: Latin America in the 21st century conference: Foreign influences, which will take place in November 2022. 


    Graduate Students Newsletter, October 2022

    September 2022

    Gabriel das Chagas Alves Pereira Souza | Conference Presentation  

    Congratulations to Gabriel for presenting his paper, “Diante da ciência que mata, tentativas de contornar a dor: Ficção e memória de Lima Barreto como leitor da eugenia” at Conferência Letra e Memória (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) on July 5, 2022. 

    Gabriel also presented his paper, “Decolonialidade interseccional nos contos de Lima Barreto” at X Seminário Internacional de Literatura e Cultura (Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil) this past August 12, 2022. 


    Gabriel das Chagas Alves Pereira Souza | Published Paper 

    Congratulations to Gabriel for having his article, "Aquiles, o contemporâneo calcanhar de Luanda, Lisboa, Paraíso: diante do desabrigo, o desamparo de uma casa que se perdeu." published in Mulemba - Revista de Estudos de Literaturas Africanas de Língua Portuguesa. 


    Lourdes Schmader | Conference Presentations 

    Congratulations to Luli for presenting her paper “¿Puede el pueblo Waorani interceder en favor de su tierra y evitar que el capitalismo la destruya?” at the XXII Congreso Anual de la Asociación de Ecuatorianistas organized by the Asociación de Ecuatorianistas and the Universidad Nacional de Educación (UNAE) held in Azogues, Ecuador from July 20-22, 2022. 

    Luli’s paper “Dina Bellhram y la volatilidad de la palabra en La mujer de helio.” was accepted to the XIV Encuentro sobre Literatura Ecuatoriana y Latinoamericana “Alfonso Carrasco Vintimilla” which will be held at Universidad de Cuenca (Ecuador) Facultad de Filosofía, Letras y Ciencias de la Educación from November 21-25, 2022. 

    Also, her paper, “Colectivo Las Tesis: Cuerpo, calle y movilidad.” has been accepted for presentation at the Symposium on Gender, History, and Sexuality organized by UT Austin to be held this fall via Zoom. 


    Alumni News: 

    Marivi Veliz | Job Offer 

    Congratulations to Marivi, who has accepted a position as Visiting Assistant Professor in the department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures at Wichita State University. 

    Marivi Véliz is a PhD in Literary, Cultural and Linguistic Stud-ies. She earned her doctorate from the University of Miami (2021) and her B.A. in Art History from Havana University (1999). Her research and writing is focused on connections between the Ameri-cas through Performance and Media Studies from decolonial and participatory methodologies. Currently, she is working on her book project “Healing, Deacceleration and the Digital, Latinx/Latin American Performance Art in 21st Century.” 


    Graduate Students Newsletter, September 2022.







  • 2021-2022 Graduate Newsletters


    May 16, 2022 

    Diona Espinosa | Documentary Award

    Congratulations to Diona, who received the award for “Best Documentary: Graduate,” at the 2022 Canes Film Festival, along with two of her colleagues from the School of Communication, Daniella Yanes and Gonzalo Mejía.

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 05.16.22


    April 11, 2022 

    Rim El Belkacemi | Summer Research Fellowship  

    Congratulations to Rim, who has been selected to receive a College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Summer Research Fellowship.


    Samuel Johnson | Fellowship  

    Congratulations to Sam, who has been selected as a UMIA/LAS Distinguished Graduate Fellow for the 2022-2023 academic year. This fellowship is an initiative from The University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas (UMIA) and the College of Arts and Sciences’ Latin American Studies program (LAS) since 2015. 


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 04.11.22


    April 4, 2022 

    Samuel Johnson | Article Publication 

    Congratulations to Sam, whose article "Documentary of (De)Colonization: Ex-Pajé (2018) as Border-Filmmaking and Paiter Suruí Re-existence," has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Lusophone Studies.


    Marcia Fanti Negri | Fellowship 

    Congratulations to Marcia, who has been selected as a UMIA/LAS Distinguished Graduate Fellow for the 2022-2023 academic year. This fellowship is an initiative from The University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas (UMIA) and the College of Arts and Sciences’ Latin American Studies program (LAS) since 2015. UMIA’s fellows engage in the intellectual life of the institute and work on their own degree programs and dissertation projects, fostering interdisciplinary exchange among doctoral students university-wide, and support for UMIA and LAS programming.


    Yasamin Rezaei | Conference Presentation Award

    Congratulations to Yasamin, who was the Oral Presentation Winner of the University of Miami's Fourth Annual Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium in the Arts and Humanities Category. The work presented was a collaborative project with another PhD student at University of Maryland. The title is "Twitter Data Analysis on
    #metoo in Iran".


    Gabriel das Chagas Alves Pereira Souza | Symposium Presentation  

    Congratulations to Gabriel for presenting his paper, "Racial Segregation and the American Lynching Culture in The ways of white folks by Langston Hughes" at the 2022 Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium held this past Friday, April 1, 2022.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 04.04.22


    March 28, 2022 

    Nadiyah Aamer | Conference Presentation  

    Congratulations to Nadiyah, who will be presenting her paper, "Nathalie Handal and Gioconda Belli: The Volcanic Exiles" at the 2023 MLA Convention in San Francisco. 


    Yasamin Rezaei | Conference Panel  

    Congratulations to Yasamin whose panel, "Data Performance," in collaboration with three other colleagues from the Performance Studies PhD program at New York University, was accepted to the 2022 Cultural Studies Association's conference, which will be held from June 2nd-4th at Columbia College in Chicago.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 03.28.22


    March 21, 2022 

    Nicholas Sheets | Job Offer

    Congratulations to Nick for accepting a job offer as a High School Spanish teacher at Georgetown Day School in DC.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 03.21.22


    March 14, 2022 

    Gabriel das Chagas Alves Pereira de Souza | Upcoming Conference

    Congratulations to Gabriel for the acceptance of his paper, "In Our Narratives, Place Matters: How to Read the Museum as a Space of Power" to Nova Southeastern University's Crossroads Student Humanities Conference, which will take place on March 26, 2022.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 03.14.22


    February 28, 2022 

    Eukene Franco Landa | Conference Presentation

    Congratulations to Eukene for successfully presenting her paper titled, "Acquisition differences in Basque L1 and Basque early L2 in Basque-Spanish Bilinguals" at the 31st Annual Graduate & Professional Symposium at the University of Arizona on February 19th. 


    Amaia Villaño Garcia | Conference Presentation

    Congratulations to Amaia for successfully presenting her paper titled, "Code-Switching: Conversational Strategies and Discourse Markers among Spanish-English Bilinguals in South Miami" at the 31st Annual Graduate & Professional Symposium at the University of Arizona on February 19th.


    Gabriel das Chagas Alves Pereira de Souza | Magazine Interview

    Congratulations to Gabriel who was interviewed by the Miami magazine, VoyageMIA, as part of their series called, "Rising Stars."  The complete interview can be found here.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 02.28.22


    February 21, 2022 

    Gabriel das Chagas Alves Pereira de Souza | Conference Presentation

    Congratulations to Gabriel for the acceptance of his paper, "The absurd of thirteen shots: Clarice Lispector and social justice in Brazil," to the 20th Annual Tri-University Graduate Conference on Latin America and the Caribbean, which will be held on February 25, 2022. 


    Samuel Johnson | Conference Presentation

    Congratulations to Samuel Johnson who will be presenting his paper 
    "Extraction in the Amazon, Indigenous Media, and Intercultural Networks" as part of the conference Cross-Talk: Conversations on Race and Language at Brown University next week. The conference is hybrid and is open to all. If you would like to attend, you can register for the conference here:


    Conference Panel | American Portuguese Studies Association's 12th International Conference

    Lidiana de Moraes, Marcia Fanti-Negri, Gabriel Chagas, and Samuel Johnson's panel, "21st Century Brazilian Film: Screening Resistance to Systemic Oppressions," was accepted to the American Portuguese Studies Association's 12th international conference. They will present their work next October at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. More information on the event can be found here:


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 02.21.22


    February 14, 2022 

    Maite Hernández-Lorenzo | Book publication  

    Congratulations to first year MLL graduate student Maite Hernández-Lorenzo, whose book, Viaje al interior , recently appeared in Unasletras, a Mexican publishing house based in Mérida. This is her third collection of short stories, and the first published outside of Cuba, her native country.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 02.14.22


    February 7, 2022 

    Gabriel das Chagas Alves Pereira de Souza | Symposium Presentation

    Congratulations to Gabriel for presenting his paper titled, "Em uma casa impossível, um desejo a se alcançar: A questão do desabrigo e da violência racista na ficção de Langston Hughes" at an event in Brazil called "XVIII Simpósio do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciência da Literatura da UFRJ - Rio de Janeiro" on January 26, 2022. 

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 02.07.2


    January 31, 2022

    Lilianne Lugo Herrera | Alumna Dissertation Award

    Congratulations to Dr. Lilianne Lugo Herrera, whose dissertation “Mediated Archipelagoes: Theater, Women, and Media” won the 2021 Barrett Prize for Best Dissertation on a Latin American or Caribbean topic, awarded by the University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas (UMIA). Committee members: Dr. Lillian Manzor, Dr. Yolanda Martnez-San Miguel, Dr. Allison Schifani, Dr. Aleksandra Perisic, and Dr. Patricia Ybarra.


    Luz Ainaí Morales Pino | Alumna Tenure Track Position

    Congratulations to Luz Ainaí Morales Pino, MLL alumna, who has just accepted a Tenure Track position at the  Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, one of the most prestigious universities of the country. She obtained her Ph.D. in Romance Studies at the University of Miami (2017). Her dissertation, “Éticas y estéticas de la profanación: redes y tensiones en la literatura peruana y venezolana del entre siglos (1880-1910)”, under the direction of Dr. Elena Grau-Lleveria, is the origin of her forthcoming book, Éticas y esetéticas de la profanación: el entre siglos más allá del modernismo (1880-1915), under contract with Chilean press, Cuarto Propio. Moreover, she has co-edited the book Arte, artista y campo artístico: concepciones, inscripciones y poéticas en el contexto latinoamericano (Fondo Editorial Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, 2020), along with Dr. Elena Grau-Lleveria (University of Miami), and Dr. Fernando Villegas (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos). Among her selected publications in academic journals and books, “Moribundas habladoras: contestaciones al ideario patriarcal en El Conspirador (1892), Incurables (1905) y La rosa muerta (1914)” (Revista Letras, Lima 2021); “En el punto ciego. Lima Antigua. Tipos de antaño (1890) de Carlos Prince y las tramas escrito-visuales de la (des)memoria nacional” (Fondo Editorial PUCP, 2019); “En clave heterogénea: éticas y políticas de la caridad en Herencia (Novela Peruana) de Clorinda Matto de Turner (1895), “El velo de la purísima,” de Adela Zamudio, e Incurables, de Virginia Gil de Hermoso (1905) (Mundo Nuevo, Revista de Estudios Latinoamericanos, 2018); and "El Perú Ilustrado: las visualidades en competencia en la articulación de un imaginario de nación" (Decimonónica, 2015). 


     Graduate Students Newsletter, 01.31.22


    January 24, 2022

    Gabriel das Chagas Alves Pereira de Souza | Conferences

    Congratulations to Gabriel on the acceptance of his paper titled, " 'Me, mestizo' in Miami: the geography of meanings to understand Brazil," to the 31st Annual Graduate and Professional Symposium on Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literature, Language, and Culture at the University of Arizona, which will be held from the 18th-19th of February, 2022.


    Diona Espinosa | Acceptance of Papers at Conferences 

    Congratulations to Diona on the acceptance of two of her papers, the first titled, "Borders on the screen. Analysis of the (de) construction of an archive from the borderland in Memorias del Desarrollo (2010) by Miguel Coyula" for the British Commonwealth and postcolonial Studies Conference, which will be held from the 14th-18th of February, 2022 at Georgia Southern University. Her second paper, "The Kentuki see you. Story map and Digital Humanities' project," was accepted for the Archival Kismet 2021 Conference: "Feeling(s) in the Archive: Emotions, Expressions, Experience," which will be held from April 8th-9th, 2022.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 01.24.22


    December 13, 2021

    Yasamin Rezaei | Acceptance to 2021-2023 HASTAC Scholars Program

    Congratulations to Yasamin for being accepted to the 2021-2023 HASTAC Scholars Program. The HASTAC Scholars Program consists of international graduate and undergraduate students who work across the fields of technology, the arts, the humanities, and the sciences broadly defined.


    Eukene Franco Landa | Workshop Presentation 

    Congratulations to Eukene who will be presenting at the Workshop on Basque Linguistics held at the Deusto University (Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain) on December 17th. This presentation is in honor of her late father, Jon Franco, who was also a linguist, and former organizer of this workshop. Eukene will be participating in a volume dedicated to him . The title of her presentation is, "The falling of the ergative marking in young Basque speakers: first steps of the study." (The picture provided is Eukene and her father).
    This is the workshop's website


    Ruming Yang | Virtual Congress 

    Congratulations to Ruming on the acceptance of her paper titled, "From Indentured Labor to Emancipation: Imagining Chinese Masculinity in Cuba and Peru," as part of the panel “The Asian imagination in Hispanic literature” in the Track “Asia and LAC Intellectual Encounters” for the LASA/Asia 2022 virtual Congress taking place February 15–19, 2022.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 12.13.21


    November 19, 2021 

    Samual Johnson | Conference

    Congratulations to Samuel Johnson, who will be participating in two events at the Latin American Studies Association's 2022 conference in San Francisco. His paper "Equivocation, Translation, and Re-Existence in "A queda do céu" (2013)," was accepted as part of the panel "Reimagining Post-Extractivist Futures." He will also be presenting work from his dissertation as part of the LASA Environment section's round table, "Emerging Issues in Latin American Environmental Research II".

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 11.19.21


    November 1, 2021 

    Diona Espinosa | Conference

    Congratulations to Diona on the acceptance of her paper, “Roberto Zurbano, dos textos y una polémica sobre ser negro en la Revolución cubana” to the African Diaspora in Latin America: Graduate Student Colloquium to be held on Monday, November 8th, 2021 at Florida Atlantic University.

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 11.01.21

    October 4, 2021 

    Monica Faust | Publication 

    Congratulations to Monica on the publication of her article, “A renovação Nas Poesias eróticas De Carlos Drummond De Andrade E Ronaldo Wilson.” Texto Poético, vol. 17, nº 33, May 2021, p. 153-76, doi:10.25094/ rtp.2021n33a767.

    Monica is a fourth-year Ph.D. Candidate and Center for Humanities Fellow (Fall 2021), currently writing her dissertation: "Confederate Self-Fashioning in Nineteenth Century Brazil: O caso confederado."


    Gabriel das Chagas Alves Pereira de Souza | Publication 

    Congratulations to Gabriel on the publication of two of his papers to Brazilian academic journals, "A ficção de Langston Hughes e antiga fantasia do racismo" Revista Z Cultural/UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, May 2021 and "Triste fim de Clarice Lispector ou A paixão segundo Lima Barreto: a linguagem precária de Macabéa e Clara dos Anjos" Revista O Eixo e a Roda/UFMG, Belo Horizonte - MG, June 2021.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 10.04.21

    September 27, 2021 

    Yoán Moreno | Conference 

    Congratulations to Yoán for the acceptance of his paper titled: “Beat Deafness: The Polyrhythm of Paradiso’s Chaper XII” to the Cuban Heritage Collection- New Directions in Cuban Studies Conference, which will be held at the University of Miami from the 27th-29th of October 2021.


    Graduate Students Newsletter, 09.27.21

  • 2020-2021 Graduate Newsletters

    August 31, 2020

    Eukene Franco Landa | Honors Award

    Congratulations to Eukene Franco Landa for being awarded honors in her MA thesis defense. Only one student per year is awarded this merit at the University of the Basque Country. Dissertation Title: “Quantifier Agreement Variation in Northern Basque Dialects.”

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 08.31.20


    September 7, 2020

    Yasamin Rezai | Instapoetry Conference

    Congratulations to Yasamin Rezai for her participation in the Instapoetry conference. The event was moved to the Zoom format due to COVID-19 for the dates July 14th to 16th. The two most important topics discussed were the reemergence of poetry in a new digital space (Instagram) as a way to evade the censorship on Iran, and the importance of Twitter as a presence capable of preventing executions.

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 09.07.20


    September 14, 2020 

    Olivier Sales | Conference Paper 

    Conference paper to be delivered. ""Je suis la panthère face aux lions": Police Haunting and Gendered Perspectives on the Streets in Contemporary French Rap", paper to be delivered at the International Conference Urban Fears (16th-21st centuries), Université Bordeaux- Montaigne (France). September 24th- 25th.

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 09.14.20


    September 28, 2020

    Eukene Franco Landa | Workshop Presentation

    Congratulations to Eukene for presenting her work on September 25th in the 2020 Deusto Workshop on Basque Linguistics. She will be presenting her Master thesis "Quantifier Agreement Variation in Northern Basque Dialects". It is a sociolinguistic study and it includes a diachronic analysis of the phenomenon.

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 09.28.20


    December 7, 2020 

    Diona Espinosa | Research Paper

    Congratulations to Diona for the acceptance of her research paper “Los ríos profundos: Lo maravilloso en el mito y en otro archivo de la realidad latinoamericana” as part of the panel: Narrativas históricas y Literaturas descolonizadoras into the Track: Indigenous Peoples, Afrodescendants and Other Epistemologies and Coproduction of Knowledge for the LASA2021 Virtual Congress: Crisis global, desigualdades y centralidad de la vida taking place May 26 - 29, 2021.


    Pamela Fuentes Korban | Book Contract 

    Congratulations to Pamela, who graduated in 2019, on receiving a book contract for Memory and History in Popular Argentine Music from Lexington Books and the book will go in the Music, Culture, and identity in Latin America series. It is slated to come out in 2021.

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 12.07.20


    February 8, 2021 

    Diona Espinosa | Publication 

    Congratulations to Diona for a publication in MARLAS (Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies) "Book Review/Reseña: Ana Peluffo. En clave emocional. Cultura y afecto en América Latina (2016)." Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies 4.2 (2020).


    Eukene Franco Landa | Meeting Presentation 

    Congratulations to Eukene for her participation in the meeting "4 Meetings of Branches of Basque Philology" with the talk "Quantifiers in Basque: a synchronic and diachronic view" Organized by the Aziti Bihia Research Group at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). 

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 02.08.21


    February 22, 2021 

    Diona Espinosa | Conference 

    Congratulations to Diona for her acceptance to the 3rd Annual Crossroads Humanities Student Conference (April 10th, 2021) with the essay “The Kentuki see you. Hyper-exposure and voyeurism mediating technology in the novel Kentukis by Samantha Swcheblin.”


    Dainerys Machado | Publication

    Congratulations to Dainerys for the publication of two essays in peer reviewed books. “Floridaness”, Home in Florida: Latinx Writers and The Literature of Uprootedness, Ed. Anjannette Delgado, UP of Florida, Octobre 2021 (ready for preorder). “Teatro y narrativa en la revistaCiclón: la verdadera revolución cubana (1955-1959)”, La palabra y los días II. Estudios sobre prensa y literatura hispanoamericanas, Ed. Ernesto Sánchez and Anuar Jalife, Universidad de Guanajuato, 2020

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 02.22.21


    March 1, 2021

    Olivier Romain | Conference

    Congratulations to Olivier for his conference presentation: “The Languages of French Rap: Migration, Mediatization, and the Glocal,” 42ndAnnual Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference, Albuquerque, NM. 22-27 February.

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 03.01.21


    March 8, 2021

    Nadiyah Aamer | Conference Presentations

    Congratulations to Nadiyah for two future presentations. "Rukmavati ki Haveli and La casa de Bernarda Alba: Postcolonial Temporalities and Gender" at the Popular Culture Studies Association 2021 National Conference, June 2-5. She will also present "The Sick Woman’s Writing and Gendered Racial Gothic in Dolores and The Yellow Wallpaper" at the 2021 Cultural Studies Association Conference, June 10-12.

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 03.08.21


    March 15, 2021

    Dainerys Machado Vento | Podcast Interview 

    Congratulations to Dainerys for her interview with Adriana Pacheco, "Dainerys Machado: Rompiendo Fronteras," (interview) Hablemos, escritoras, Episode 207, March 3, 2021, Online: , Austin, Texas, US. This entails that her work at the University of Miami and her fiction writing has been included in the world's largest encyclopedia and voice repository specialized in women writers, translators, and critics of the Spanish-speaking world, as well as the publishers and magazines that publish them.

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 03.15.21


    April 5, 2021

    Nadiyah Aamer | Conference Presentations

    Congratulations to Nadiyah for her upcoming presentation at the 2022 MLA Convention in Washington, D.C. (Jan 6th-9th) for the session "Translingual Encounters: Linguistic Mobilities in Catalan and Galician Writing by Women." Her paper is titled "The Bodily Geographies of Najat El Hachmi's L'ultim patriarca and Zadie Smith's White Teeth."

    Graduate Students Newsletter, 04.05.21

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  •  2020 Graduate Studies Achievements

     2020 Graduate Studies Achievements 




  • 2019 Graduate Student Achievements

    2019 Graduate Student Achievements 


    Graduate students organized their 2019 conference, “Transnational Futures: Reimagining Diaspora, Borders, Politics,” with John Keene (University of Rutgers-Newark) as keynote.

    Fély Catan received a tenure-track position in French and Spanish at Pitzer College.

    Salim Ayoub received a Visiting Assitantship position in French and Francophone Studies at Colby College.

    Salim Ayoub was awarded CAS fellowship in 2019 for AY 2019-2020 (He declined award due to offer above).

    Nadia Naami was awarded CAS fellowship in 2019 for AY 2019-2020.

    Lydda Lopez Valdez was awarded UMIA Fellowship in 2019 for AY 2019-2020.

    Lorella Di Gregorio Humanities Fellowship for Fall 2019.

    Lilianne Lugo Herrera Humanities Fellowship for Spring 2020.

    Lilianne Lugo Herrera was awarded the Robert E. Jednak Fellowship in Summer 2019.

    Lidiana de Moraes dos Santos was awarded the AMS Fellowship (Latin American Studies) for AY 2019-2020.

    Lidiana de Moraes dos Santos was awarded the CAS Research Fellowship in Summer 2019.