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The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Miami offers you an exciting opportunity to engage in a learning experience aimed at developing global literacy. Global literacy (GL) is the ability to participate in sociocultural practices by both interacting with others in different languages and by creating, presenting, and interpreting ideas through oral and written texts in more than one language. This includes written and oral communication, critical thinking and social responsibility, and appreciation of cultural artifacts, artistic products, and new technologies in more than one language.

Whether you opt for a career in education, or in business, economics, law, medicine, politics, the arts, and the social sciences, our courses will enrich your life beyond your expectations as you acquire a deeper understanding of your own and of others' linguistic and cultural heritage.

"We are a diverse and intellectually curious group of scholars and students who provide an academic gateway to Miami and to the world."

Dr. Logan Connors

Professor and Chair




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