Second Language Acquisition & Teaching Certificate

What is SLAT Graduate Certificate?

The SLAT Graduate Certificate is an integrated group of courses designed acquire expertise and experience in the field of critical studies of lan- guage, centering on theories of second language acquisition and bilingualism, empirical research in these areas, and their applications to the teaching of second and heritage languages at the postsecondary level.
SLAT Graduate Certificate Brochure

Who can participate?

Any graduate student, lecturer or senior lecturer teaching languages may earn the Graduate Certificate in SLAT, granted by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Miami.

What are the main goals of the SLAT certificate?

Develop the expertise of participants in the fields of applied language studies, research on second language acquisition and bilingualism, modern language teaching methodology and pedagogy.

Integrate meaningful use of technology into the participants’ teaching practices.

Become more marketable professionally through the development and completion of a profes- sional teaching portfolio.

Description of the Certificate

The certificate comprises coursework at the graduate level in language teaching methodology and pedagogy, language learning, literacy, soci- ocultural theory, sociolinguistics, and bilingual- ism. The program also integrates practical op- portunities that allow participants to acquire professional experience coordinating and super- vising language instructors. We also offer a vari- ety of workshops on technology and language teaching in the Department.

Graduate Credit Hours

To earn the SLAT Graduate Certificate, a mini- mum of nine (9) credit hours of graduate level coursework within the SLAT curriculum must be completed. Any course taken in fulfillment of the required credits toward the Certificate must already be designated as SLAT-related or must receive prior approval of the SLAT faculty. For incoming graduate student Teaching Assistants, MLL 503 (Language Teaching Methodology) will fulfill three (3) credit hours of the require- ment. For those graduate students and lecturers who join the Department having already taken the equivalent of MLL 503 at another institu- tion, the nine (9) required credit hours must be fulfilled through other SLAT courses.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Ager Gondra
Director of Spanish Basic Language Program

Merrick Building 212-05
T 305.284.7263