Majors: French or Spanish


Minors: Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese

Internships are intended to provide the student with an opportunity to apply linguistic, cultural, analytical, interpretive, and creative skills developed in coursework. Internships typically take place outside the University’s Coral Gables campus in businesses that cater to language-specific clientele, healthcare programs that serve the community, cultural or community centers, or a relevant not-for-profit organization, library, or archive.  

Each intern must have a clearly designed project that he/she is capable of completing by the end of the internship. In some cases, the organization will recommend a project that meets its immediate needs, and in others the intern and the organization may develop a project that is mutually beneficial. In all cases, the internship must produce work of value to the organization while also providing the student a meaningful learning experience, preferably one that is indicative of the functions of that organization.

Internships are counted for credit. A maximum of 3 semester hours of internship credit may be counted toward the student’s degree program.

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  • How to Apply

    Students are responsible for arranging their own internships with the assistance of the Internship Coordinator.  Students should first notify the Internship Coordinator once an agency/program is selected, and must then contact that agency or program directly to apply for a position as an intern.

    Click here for Internship Application.

    For more information please contact the Internship Coordinator Dr. Mojca Del Fabbro:

    Find an Internship:

    French Heritage Language Program Miami At Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance - Assistant to the Program coordinator; Public affairs and communication
    ISPA (International Studies Preparatory Academy in Gables) - Teaching Assistant

    GABC (German American Business Chamber of South Florida) - Event Planning, Membership Communication and Newsletter Creation

    Scuola Dante Alighieri - Assisting in Event Planning and class Scheduling
    Galleria CA’ D’ORO - Assisting in Event Planning, Exhibit Organizing, Cataloguing, etc.

    Star of Hope for Kids - Translation, Contacting Brazilian companies, Digitizing Company's Documents

    Accion East - Marketing, Micro lending
    Centro Cultural Español de Cooperación Iberoamericana, Inc. - Communications, Graphic design,  Public relations
    Cuban Theater Digital Archive - Editing Assistant: online editing, translation
    Cuban Theater Digital Archive - Videographer, Video Editing
    DART-PACT (People Acting for Community Together) - Community problems
    Fundarte - Assisting in Event planning
    Techo - Communications Intern, International Development, Donor Relations Intern, Public relations intern

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the requirements for a 3-credit internship?
    Pre-requisites are: ITA, POR, GER 202; SPA, FRE 203; ARB, JPN 204.

    How many hours a week will I be required to work?<
    You will be required to work 80 Internship’s hours in total. You can arrange your Internship schedule in base of your course schedule.

    Do I get paid as an intern?
    No, you do not get paid as an intern. Internships are counted for credit and are unpaid. As a matter of fact, paid internships CANNOT be counted for credit.

    Is there any homework for the class?
    Besides fulfilling your intern duties, each enrolled student will be required to complete
    a)   7 bi-weekly journals and a final internship report
    b)   a Final Presentation at the end of the Internship

    What determines my final grade?
    Three  (3) mandatory class meetings, 7 bi-weekly journals, the internship report, and the final presentation are counted toward the final grade. On-Site Supervisor is required to complete an evaluation, which also represents a portion of the final grade.