You should contact an advisor whenever you have doubts or questions about your academic career, requirements for courses, education abroad, etc. If you are a major or minor in one of our languages, you should see your advisor at least once per semester. Following is a list of Modern Languages advisors. All offices of advisors are located in the Merrick Building unless otherwise noted.  To reach an advisor via telephone, dial (305) 284-4858.  When you are prompted to do so, enter the extension.   Often the best way to reach an advisor is via email. This is especially true during the summer when advisors are away from the University.



 **Updated Fall 2022** 


Director of Undergraduate Studies in French

Viviana Pezzullo

Director of Undergraduate Studies in Spanish

Omar Vargas (Fall 2022) / Elena Grau Llevería (Spring 2023) / 

Director of Arabic Program

Suja Sawafta

Acting Director of Chinese Program

Rebecca Doran

Director of French Basic Language Program

Kevin Finn  

Director of Portuguese Program

Steven Butterman

Coordinator of Spanish 101 and 102

If advising student to enroll in SPA 101, 102, 105 or 201.

Tiffany Shinbach 

Coordinator of Spanish 105 and 201

If advising student to enroll in SPA 107, 207 or 208.

Cecilia Vazquez 

Director of Spanish Basic Language Program

**Please contact the Director of BSLP, after consulting with Cecilia Vázquez or Tiffany Shinbach

Tiffany Shinbach (Fall 22) / Ager Gondra (Spring 23) / 


Director of Spanish Heritage Language Program

**If you are enrolled in SPA 201, please first consult with Cecilia Vázquez: 

Andrew Lynch 

Coordinator of Spanish 202, 203, 208

Elena Grau-Lleveria 

Coordinator of German Program

Elisabeth Juetten (Fall 2022) 

Coordinator of Italian Program

Mojca Del Fabbro 

Coordinator of Japanese Program


Eiko Williams

MLL Cognate Representative

 Rebecca Doran (Fall 2022) / Christina Civantos (Spring 2023) / 


MLL Transfer/Course Equivalency Advisor

María Gracia Pardo