Global Literacy = Actively Learning and Engaging Difference



Our mission is to transform learning and knowledge production by integrating difference into the core of all our curricular and extracurricular offerings.  The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures (MLL) embraces human difference through our instruction in ten languages, our exploration of cultural manifestations throughout the world, as well as through our active inclusion of faculty and students representing a wide diversity of knowledges, cultures, religious and spiritual beliefs, age groups, places of origin, socioeconomic backgrounds and status, races, ethnicities, gender identities and expression, and sexual orientation. 
In MLL we foster community by creating shared spaces of teaching and learning that require a delicate balance between welcoming members from our community and aiming to learn from our differences.  For us, Global Literacy consists of the freedom to pursue knowledge that promotes human dignity, equity, and a sense of belonging. We promote diversity by allowing our multiple constituencies to transform the way in which we conceive the production, exchange, and dissemination of knowledges in our courses and departmental programming. Our aim goes beyond inclusion and integration of difference into our regular curriculum to include constant renovation and transformation of our areas of research, the disciplinary methodologies, and our pedagogical approaches to train our students for the global challenges of the present and the future.  
Our faculty, students and staff include colleagues from the following countries: Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Iran, Italy, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Palestine, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, South Africa, and United States.
Our diversity in numbers* (*categories for race and gender adopted from information collected thru workday/canelink)

Tenure Track Faculty

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

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